Exporgal is a textiles & clothing SME settled in Barcelos, north of Portugal, completing 25 years of activity in 2014. Our production is fundamentally EU-oriented, collaborating seamlessly with several European companies. Exporgal main arguments as a producer are quality and responsiveness – characteristics that we continually aim to develop. We also have a strong creative nature, collaborating dynamically with our partners in order to find better designs, improved use of technology and more sustainable processes. Side by side with the industrial objectives, Exporgal has a strong commitment to social responsibility, playing an important role within local community by supporting associations and social events, as well as promoting good environmental practices. After 25 years, we are proud of what we’ve achieved – for the following 25 we really want to keep on learning, sharing and improving.


tel: +351 253 841 837
tlm: +351 934 543 764
mail: exporgal@exporgal.com

nif: PT 502 310 499


Rua da igreja, 639
4759-463 Galegos Santa Maria
Barcelos – Portugal

gps: +41º 33′ 42.90”, -8º 34′ 36.30